Date with Eunice the Unicorn 🦄

I’ve had my eye on this unicorn pattern by 1dogwoof for awhile. The mohawk mane, the curly cues tail, the rainbow palette. What’s not to love about this chubby little unicorn?

On our first crochet and coffee meetup, I finally finished Eunice. I took the opportunity to take photos of her with the young Trishia- a crochet prodigy. The coffee shop backdrop at Vanille Bistro was just the perfect setting for this impromptu shoot, and Trish did not run out of ideas.

Trish and Eunice enjoying an intimate conversation over chocolate milkshake
They say unicorns are just fat rhinos
Eunice the unicorn is made almost completely out of scrap yarn.

I admit that I’ve had an aversion towards amigurumi in the past because it involves sewing in hard to reach areas. But after this project, I’m beginning to change my mind. Perhaps there is indeed something magical about unicorns.

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