Geraldine Yap- Featured Cebu Crochet Group Member

Geraldine Yap is a 54 year old Occupational Manager born and bred in Cebu City. She learned to crochet from her mother at ten years old, and has been at it non stop since.

Wearing her own creation and posing in front of a yarn bomb installation in Pueblo Verde. Topmost chevron piece is her own handiwork.

Geraldine makes pretty much everything under the sun- amigurumis, bags, dresses, blouses, shawls, hats, and even jewelry!

This piece was created by threading beads through a wire and weaving it together with a hook. The result is an intricate statement piece that can be dressed down by a casual t-shirt or dressed up by an open shoulder gown.
At the moment she finds herself drawn to crocheting shawls. This small talk shawl made out of gradient cotton thread is for sale at 1,200
Kokeshi Amigurumi Dolls were gifts for her daughter and young nieces.
Complex and varied patterns running through this crimson dress.

She finds inspiration through the internet- continuously growing in her craft by learning and relearning techniques.

This sweet purple number is yet another gift given to her niece. Tulle cut in strips and laced through the crochet top, this garment will make any little lady feel like a princess.

Aside from crochet, this mother of two also enjoys knitting and reading books.

If you’re from Cebu and enjoy crochet do join our ever growing group where we select a member each Monday and showcase their works.

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