Amigurumi Adoption Certificate- Free Printable

Make your Amigurumi gifts a lot more special by including an adoption certificate. Kids will surely treasure and cherish your adorable creations more just because a piece of paper suddenly says they are responsible for these woven creatures.

A gray bear off to its three-year-old owner in Canada.
Adoption Certificate folds like a card complete with a little fyi about amigurumi at the back.
Older kids will enjoy filling up the details of their stuffie on the inside or you can choose to fill it up for them.

Play with the child’s imagination with a simple print out. Select any color paper for your choice. For my first printable I decided to use the brown cardboard for natural look. Printed back to back, each 8.5″x11″ inch paper letter-sized paper can print up to two certificates.

Download your own amigurumi adoption certificate in the link below:

Amigurumi Adoption Certificate

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