Yarn Bombing installation in Hong Kong 2014

Why hello there. I’m Bernadette from Cebu City, Philippines. I am a creative person at heart and enjoy expressing myself through different art forms including hooping, piano, graphic design, and you’ve guessed it crochet.

Why 5 Chubby Fingers?

5 chubby fingers refers to a page in my daughter’s favourite book “My first numbers”- An homage to my daughter who was responsible for reigniting my relationship with crochet.

I learned to crochet at 18, but had an on and off relationship for far too long. Fast forward a decade and a half later, a delicate pregnancy restricted me to bed rest. Television and books kept me company, but it was crochet that kept me sane and gave me a sense of purpose. After getting better at reading patterns, my interest in the crochet grew.

A little inspiration can go a long way.

A baby and a never-ending list of yarn related projects later, I created 5chubbyfingers as a space to document my crochet chronicles and crochet endeavours.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!